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Whether you're looking for one-on-one instruction, friends to learn with, a supported transition into a group, or just a space to use, GROOVE has you covered!

Our music staff is ready to guide every participant gently and effectively as they explore the world of music. Using Groove’s philosophy of success-based learning, each participant has the chance to explore various instruments and avenues of music-making to really get a feel for what works best for them. Whether in a private setting or learning with a group, Groove’s music program employs a variety of educational approaches and strategies to help each student most effectively grow their skills as an artist. Participants have the opportunity to perform, compose, record, publish, socialize, and improvise according to what most interests them.

Come and experience hiphop dance with Groove! Our program focuses on magnifying the joy of feeling the rhythm in a stress and pressure-free environment. Each participant is encouraged to grow and learn at their own pace. Take as long as you need to master each move - our instructor will be there every step of the way to help! Techniques and choreography are introduced in each class to reinforce a participant’s confidence in their movement. Both private lessons and small classes offer a diverse range of options to help anyone get their Groove on!

Groove is excited to add yoga to its list of movement activities for participants to enjoy. Reinvigorate yourself as you build flexibility, strength, and skills! With an extensive background in both adaptive education and yoga with children and adults, our instructor Tamar brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every class. Themed classes and poses make yoga at Groove an activity that everyone can enjoy!

Come and reach new heights as Groove ventures out of the facility to Earth Treks Climbing Center! Learn the ins and outs of what makes rock climbing one of the biggest new trends in health and fitness. Our instructors specialize in making it easy for anyone to find success on the wall in a safe and engaging way. Build strength, confidence, problem-solving skills, resilience, flexibility, trust, and friendship, as Groove helps you work your way to the top!

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