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Our mission at Groove is to help everyone build connection and share their passion for the arts and for movement. Our adaptive specialists make sure that nothing stands in the way of an individual who wants to participate in our programming and in the community. Using techniques informed by the most cutting-edge clinical and educational approaches, we apply our knowledge to help every child succeed, no matter what their adaptive differences may be.

Meet with an Integration Specialist, and we can help find the perfect pathway toward building an independent engagement in our standard programming. We will help you find the perfect plan to see meaningful gains, and be with you every step of the way as you navigate all the twists and turns of the process. We are happy to share and partner with current clinical and educational teams to help bring a more holistic approach to growth.

Does your child...

  • Get distracted easily during structured activities

  • Throw prolonged or unprovoked tantrums

  • Have  difficulty  respecting  others space

  • Avoid activities with set expectations or instructions

  • Prefer to do things their own way

  • Find it challenging to effectively communicate needs

  • Need extra support when participating in group activities

  • Become frustrated quickly or easily when encountering a challenging task

  • Seem more withdrawn, avoidant, or less confident in social situations

  • Require frequent breaks when participating in physically strenuous activities

  • Have a physical or developmental difference that limits the opportunity to fully and successfully participate in a setting alongside their peers

Our adaptive approach is inspired and informed by clinical and research based strategies seen in occupational, physical, and speech & language therapies. Pulling concepts drawn from various cutting-edge developmental and behavioral methods including both DIR Floortime and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), our specialists integrate a variety of methods to custom fit the most efficient and effective educational approach for each individual. Our goal is to find the most effective way to help participants enjoy meaningful social experiences learning with instructors and peers in a group setting.
Yoga Instructor Tamar Lewkowitz

After working in traditional environments for years, Zach began exploring more effective techniques for working with those falling in the fringes of the current educational system ---- those often identified as "special-needs". He has played a role both as team-member and leader in a variety of therapeutic and clinical programs, working in the developmental sector for the better part of the last decade. After gaining that crucial experience, Zach ventured out on his own to build a program that could check all the boxes in his vision of how to help children and adults to better engage and grow together.

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