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Technology is woven into everything we do. But how often do we actively pay attention to how things happen? Whether this sparks interest or overwhelms you, we feel that building a healthy relationship with technology is a vital part of life. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) program is geared up to help you use the gift of technology to express yourself creatively! Using preexisting interests as a launching pad, our instructors seamlessly guide participants through projects designed to build crucial technical skills that can be leveraged into real world creative content and job skills! Whether it’s stage production, broadcasting, audio engineering, robotics, computer programming, visual arts, fabrication, 3D modeling, physical science, internet content creation, or some other tech-based creative passion, Groove’s team has you covered. Our participants collaborate with instructors, peers, and industry professionals, learning on commercial grade equipment and software how to leverage their interests to find new passions and build skillsets that can be shared with their families, communities, and the world!

Groove's Creative Tech program offers participants a number of options:

Private Lessons

Group Classes

Production Work

Adaptive Instruction

Career Coaching

Content Creation

Rob Loreto_edited_edited_edited_edited_e

Rob is a former actor and current tech nerd. He has worked in a variety of educational settings, and now combines his passions for science and technology with his experiences as an artist, to usher the production program to new heights.

When he is not harnessing his powers as a storyteller at our studio, Rob is enjoying life with his family, training his beloved rescue dog Athena, or enjoying nature in the great outdoors.

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