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Session rates are subject to change. Invoices will be logged once a session time is confirmed with the student, and go out on a monthly basis. Though our system requires a valid card on file to schedule recurrent weekly sessions, payments can be made via cash, check, or credit. Other forms of payment availability (paypal, venmo, etc.) are potentially available but subject to change. Outstanding balances must be received 7 days subsequent to invoice submission date provided at the top of invoice or no lesson will be conducted, and weekly session time slot will no longer be reserved.



All scheduling must be completed through the web portal. Any questions regarding unlisted availabilities can be made to or called in, using the phone number listed below.


Unfortunately refunds upon cancellation are not available, but a cancellation made more than 24 hours prior to session time can be credited toward a future session with no cancellation fees applicable. For missed sessions or rescheduled sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a 25% cancelling/rescheduling fee may apply. A full charge will be applied to missed sessions if no written notice is provided less than 4 hours prior to the beginning of the lesson. If more than 50% of weekly scheduled appointments have been missed within a 30 day period, weekly time slot reservation may be lost, and the appointment slot may become permanently eligible for rebooking with other participants. Unfortunately weekly time slots cannot be reserved/held more than 30 days in advance.



Inclement weather resulting in school-closures, road closures, etc.

Emergency medical issues (severe illness, death of a family member, etc.)



If an instructor should need to cancel, written notice will be sent out 24 hours prior unless due to a true emergency, and full credit will be awarded to a make-up or future un-billed session time. Groove agrees to provide the participants with information regarding unexpected conflicts as soon as possible upon the knowledge of those conflicts, and best attempts to reschedule will be applied. Please know that our instructors have densely packed schedules, and though Groove does its very best to accommodate the schedules of its clients, unfortunately a cancellation is not a guarantee of a makeup time within the same week of cancelation.



If a session should begin late, the instructor can only teach in the time remaining in that slot. Do to the tightly organized schedule, lessons cannot run later to makeup for lost time. If the instructor is more than 15 minutes behind, the client may choose to reschedule the session for another day with no cancellation fee, or credit missed time to a future invoice. If a client is unavailable due to lateness or lack of response for more than 15 minutes, the session may be forfeited for that day.

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