At Groove, our goal is to bring people together to help foster and grow their passions into new skills and creations. Our facilities are designed to supply you with what you need to share your passion with others. Whether you're an accomplished artist or just getting started, our programs and network are designed to give the environment and tools you need to best enjoy what inspires you and connect with those who share that passion.




Whether it’s rocking out under the lights of our stage or cutting your latest single in our fully featured recording studio, Groove music will help you fully realize your musical potential in a fun and active way. 

From general fitness and movement training to advanced physical coaching, Groove Movement programming focuses on finding new ways to give athletes of all levels that competitive edge! 

Our facilities host a variety of exciting options for kids, teens, and adults. From parties and meetings, to rehearsals and practices, Groove Events is ready to guarantee your next outing to be an  unforgettable experience.


08/2017    Groove is excited to unveil its new Hip-hop Dance program this Fall! This semester will offer Hip-hop Fundamentals 1, Advanced Hip-Hop, Hiphop Fitness for Adults, and more! Enrollment for fall session will open in mid August! So stay tuned for an attached link or email us directly for more scheduling and program questions and requests. Hope to see you there!

09/2017    Hey everyone! Happy fall to you all! Hope the start of the new season hasn't been too overwhelming. The autumn season brings so many changes -- changing leaves on the trees, school resumes, the temperature outside drops, etc. Groove has been seeing a few changes too; we are proud to announce that we have begun construction on our new facility in Rockville by the Twinbrook metro. Obviously while we hope construction moves as quickly as possible, we plan to have the doors closed on our arts related activities until construction is completed. So sorry to all the participants in our arts related programming. We hope to see you back in October! Enjoy your break, and keep playing, dancing, singing, and expressing-yourself!

03/2018    With our doors open, and things finally under way, Groove is looking forward to an amazing year with you once again! Thanks for all your support thus far, and we can't wait to bring all the amazing services that you enjoyed in 2017 and more! We are excited to unveil to you our new Yoga program! Registration is open for classes and private sessions, so email us today to find out more! Come and meet our new amazing coach, Tamar, and find your center with this exciting new option! See you there!


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