At Groove, our goal is to bring people together to help foster and grow their passions into new skills and creations. Our facilities are designed to supply you with what you need to share your passion with others. Whether you're an accomplished artist or just getting started, our programs and network are designed to give the environment and tools you need to best enjoy what inspires you and connect with those who share that passion.




Whether it’s rocking out under the lights of our stage or cutting your latest single in our fully featured recording studio, Groove music will help you fully realize your musical potential in a fun and active way. 

From general fitness and movement training to advanced physical coaching, Groove Movement programming focuses on finding new ways to give athletes of all levels that competitive edge! 

Our facilities host a variety of exciting options for kids, teens, and adults. From parties and meetings, to rehearsals and practices, Groove Events is ready to guarantee your next outing to be an  unforgettable experience.


03/2020    We wanted to reach out to let everyone know that we are keeping a close eye on reports of the growing threat COVID-19 poses in our community and recognize that it is vitally important we all take the safety precautions seriously. As I do my best to keep our doors open to you as long as possible, we ask that you join us in doubling efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every family in our network. 


Please ensure that if anyone in your household is experiencing any illness concerns, respiratory difficulties, fever, or other general symptoms affiliated with COVID-19, follow the necessary isolation precautions mapped out by the CDC


We plan to consistently sanitize often and thoroughly, particularly the equipment that sees regular use with the participants, and we have also mounted new additional hand sanitizer dispensers in the facility as well. 


We also have moved to a strategy of single-family scheduling in-facility for the time being, where only one participant is present at a time, with adequate transition time between for effective sanitization between participants. We are also allowing for virtual/online participation when possible, and are currently exploring options for expanding this option to become appropriate for more of our participants.


That being said, because our equipment is used by a number of people each day, in addition to prioritizing the proper methods for sanitation for these pieces, we are requesting that everyone who does attend a session in person wash their hands with soap and water immediately upon entry into our facility (for 20 seconds or more), before engaging in the activities at Groove, as well as upon exit.


Remember, if you or your children are exhibiting symptoms, however minor, please let us know as soon as possible and stay home. If you have visited Groove recently and become aware of any risks your health may pose to others, please let us know promptly, so we can take the steps to ensure the health and safety of all the participants and families in our programs. 


Please stay safe, clean, and healthy, and we will do our best to keep sharing the light of music and the arts through these difficult times. Peace and love from our family to yours!


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