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At Groove, our goal is to bring people together to help foster and grow their passions into new skills and creations. Our facilities are designed to supply you with what you need to share your passion with others. Whether you're an accomplished artist or just getting started, our programs and network are designed to give the environment and tools you need to best enjoy what inspires you and connect with those who share that passion.

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Whether it’s rocking out under the lights of our stage or designing your latest masterpiece in our fully featured studio, Groove will help you fully realize your artistic potential in a fun and active way. 


With our unique spin on a common challenge, Groove's Life Skills programming focuses on using a clinically informed approach to find the fastest and most effective avenue to achieving independence in young adulthood.


Our facilities host a variety of exciting options for kids, teens, and adults. From parties and meetings, to rehearsals and practices, Groove Events is ready to guarantee your next outing to be an  unforgettable experience.

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Call us at 301.348.8763 or fill out the contact form below and we'll help you find your GROOVE!

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